Court Links

Helpful court links are available for prisoners and their families seeking assistance with the criminal justice system. Below are resources available offering various programs, directories, free legal assistance, information on legal services & representation, and analysis on prison law. These links simplify the complicated criminal justice system and help prisoners and their families navigate it effectively.

Court Links

New York: Court Links

New York State Consolidated Statutes:

New York Criminal Procedure Law:

New York Penal Law:

New York State Senate:  Bills and Laws:

New York State Assembly:  Bill Search:

New York Stated Unified Court System:

New York E-Courts:


WebCivil Supreme:

Criminal Case Basics:

Finding a New York lawyer:

New York Administrative Rules of the Unified Court System & Uniform Rules of the Trial Courts:

Joint Appellate Division Rules:

Appellate Division, First Department:

Appellate Division First Department Rules, Forms, and FAQ:

Appellate Division, First Department Decisions:

Appellate Division, Second Department:

Appellate Division, Second Department Rules:

Appellate Division, Second Department Decisions:

Appellate Division, Third Department:

Appellate Division, Third Department Rules:

Appellate Division, Third Department Decisions:

Appellate Division, Fourth Department:

Appellate Division, Fourth Department Rules:

New York Court of Appeals:

New York Court of Appeals Rules:

New York Court of Appeals Decisions:

New Jersey: Court Links

New Jersey Supreme Court Opinions

New Jersey Appellate Division Published Opinions

New Jersey Appellate Division Unpublished Opinions

New Jersey Courts – Court Records

New Jersey Model Criminal Jury Charges

New Jersey E-Courts and E-Filing

New Jersey Rules of Court

Florida: Court Links

Florida Supreme Court

Florida First District Court of Appeal

Florida Second District Court of Appeal

Florida Third District Court of Appeal

Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal

Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal

Florida Sixth District Court of Appeal

Florida Courts E-Filing Portal

Florida Statutes Online

Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure

Florida Rules of General Practice and Judicial Administration

Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure

Florida Criminal Jury Instructions

Texas: Court Links

Texas Statutes Online

Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure

Texas Rules of Evidence

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Texas First Court of Appeals

Texas Second Court of Appeals

Texas Third Court of Appeals

Texas Fourth Court of Appeals

Texas Fifth Court of Appeals

Texas Sixth Court of Appeals

Texas Seventh Court of Appeals

Texas Eighth Court of Appeals

Texas Ninth Court of Appeals

Texas Tenth Court of Appeals

Texas Eleventh Court of Appeals

Texas Twelfth Court of Appeals

Texas Thirteenth Court of Appeals

Texas Fourteenth Court of Appeals


Georgia: Court Links

Georgia Judicial Gateway

Supreme Court of Georgia

Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia

Georgia Rules of Court

Code of Georgia (statutes)

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