Defense Delivers Closing Argument in Trump Hush Money Trial

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Todd Blanche

Manhattan, New York – May 28, 2024

Donald Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche delivered the defense’s closing argument in the Trump hush money trial involving Stormy Daniels today. His closing argument was approximately 3 hour long. During his summation he made the following points to convince the jury there was reasonable doubt

1. Michael Cohen created the invoices at issue in the case.
2. The prosecution presented no evidence Trump knew the invoices were sent
3. There was no evidence of any intent to defraud
4. There was no attempt to commit or conceal another crime
5. There was no agreement to influence the 2016 election
6. AMI would have run the doorman’s story even if it were not true
7. Karen McDougal did not want her story published
8. Stormy Daniels’ story was already public in 2011
9. There evidence was manipulated by the prosecution
10. Michael Cohen: “He’s the human embodiment of reasonable doubt.”

The jury will start deliberations after the prosecution’s closing argument and after Judge Juan Merchan delivers the final jury instructions.

The case is pending in the New York County Supreme Court. The case is People of the State of New York v. Donald Trump, Indictment # 71543-23/001.


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