Latest News in Florida Criminal Law – Florida Criminal Caselaw Roundup by Jack Palmeri December 4, 2020

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In this Florida Criminal Caselaw Roundup we’ll be discussing the latest developments in Florida criminal law, criminal appeals, and post-conviction relief.

Cases that we’ll cover include habitual felony offender (HFO), aggravated battery, resentencing, vindictive sentence, sexual battery, motion for new trial, admissibility of evidence, THC, possession of marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids, petition for writ of certiorari, Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine, motion to suppress, Garrity waiver, Miranda waiver, inevitable discovery exception, Fourth Amendment and more

The Florida Criminal Caselaw Roundup is a blog and video podcast by criminal defense, criminal appeal and post-conviction attorney Jack Palmeri, summarizing the latest developments in criminal law, criminal appeals, and post-conviction relief in the State of Florida. Our sponsoring attorney will digest the latest reversed convictions throughout the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida District Courts of Appeal,

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