Judge Grants Special Counsel’s “Motion for Fair and Protective Jury Procedures” in Trump Case

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Jury Box - Webster County, Nebraska (open source)

Washington D.C. – Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan, presiding over President Donald Trump’s criminal case, has granted Federal prosecutors’ “Motion for Fair and Protective Jury Procedures.”

In her written ruling filed November 2, 2023, Judge Chutkan ordered that the prosecution and defense submit proposed written questionnaires to be given to potential jurors in February, 2024. The trial is scheduled to begin in March, 2024.

The judge rejected the prosecutor’s request for anonymity of jurors, and permits the defense to ” conduct open-source research regarding prospective jurors, they may not do so in any way that involves direct contact or communication with a prospective juror.” The court also prohibits the parties from using “non-public databases for juror research.” What those “non-public databases” include is not specified.

Additionally, the order prohibits anyone from the defense team from publicly disclosing juror identifying information.

You can read the November 2, 2023 Order HERE:

Docket # 23-CR-00257-TSC – Document # 130 – Order Granting Government’s Motion for Fair and Protective Jury Procedures filed 11-2-2023

The criminal case is pending in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Docket # 23-CR-00257-TSC, United States v. Donald J. Trump.


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