Judge Dismisses Six Charges in Georgia Trump Election Interference Case

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Fulton County, Georgia – A Georgia judge has made a significant ruling in the legal saga surrounding former President Donald Trump and his allies. The judge dismissed 3 out of the 13 charges against Trump and some of his associates in a wide-ranging case involving alleged election interference. However, the judge stopped short of dismissing the entire indictment. You can read the decision HERE:

Indictment # 23SC188947 – State of Georgia v. Donald Trump, et al – Order on Defendants’ Special Demurrers filed 3-13-2024

In a detailed nine-page order released on Wednesday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee threw out six of the 41 counts in the indictment against Trump and his associates. These individuals are accused of participating in a conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. The dismissed charges specifically pertained to allegations that Trump and five co-defendants exerted pressure on state officials to manipulate the election outcome.

Judge McAfee explained that while these six counts contained the essential elements of the crimes, they lacked sufficient detail regarding how the alleged felonies were committed. Despite this dismissal, McAfee declined a defense request to challenge the overt acts associated with the charges, meaning they remain part of the overall indictment. This decision allows prosecutors to continue presenting evidence related to the dropped charges as they argue their case against Trump and his allies for criminal conspiracy in attempting to overturn the election.

The charges that were dropped included allegations of a pressure campaign against elected officials, such as Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, members of the Georgia Senate, and the former Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, to reverse Trump’s loss in the state. Notably, one of the dropped charges against Trump stemmed from a recorded phone call he had with Raffensperger on January 2, 2021, where Trump urged Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to overturn his defeat in Georgia.

Another dismissed charge was related to a December 7, 2020, phone call Trump made to Ralston, urging him to convene a special session of the legislature to overturn Joe Biden’s narrow victory in the state. The third dropped charge involved a letter Trump sent to Raffensperger in September 2021, pressuring the secretary of state to overturn the election results and declare Trump the winner.

Despite these dismissals, Trump still faces ten charges in the case, including violating the state racketeering act and filing false documents.

The judge still has to decide whether District Attorney Fani Willis and her office should be disqualified.

The case is pending in the Fulton County Superior Court, Indictment # 23SC188947 – State of Georgia v. Donald Trump, et al.


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