Ivanka Trump, Final Witness, Testifies in New York Civil Fraud Trial

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Manhattan, NY – November 8, 2023 – On Wednesday, Ivanka Trump took the witness stand for her five-hour testimony.  This follows her father’s recent appearance in a fraud trial that poses a threat to the Trump business empire as he embarks on another White House run.

Ms. Trump was the last member of the Trump family to provide testimony in the trial, which originates from a lawsuit brought by New York’s attorney general, Letitia James. Ms. James has accused the former president, along with other defendants including his businesses and his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, of inflating the value of assets to secure favorable loans and insurance deals.

Judge Arthur F. Engoron had already ruled, even before the trial commenced five weeks ago, that Mr. Trump and the other defendants were liable for fraud, and he will determine the appropriate punishment. Ms. James has sought $250 million in damages from Mr. Trump and a permanent ban on him and his sons from conducting business in New York.

Mr. Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing, with his legal team arguing that the assets lacked objective value and that varying valuations are typical in the real estate industry.

During her testimony, Ms. Trump was presented with documents indicating her involvement in securing favorable loans for the Trump Organization, which required guarantees related to her father’s net worth. However, she also made an effort to distance herself from her father’s financial statements, claiming she did not have knowledge of the specific valuations contained in the documents. While acknowledging that her father likely had personal financial statements, she quickly added that she was not privy to such information. Ms. Trump also stated that she had not been involved with the Trump Organization since her father’s entry into the White House. Nonetheless, she spoke positively about her past work for the family business, expressing pride and stating that it consistently exceeded expectations.

In contrast to her father, who had testified two days earlier, Ms. Trump appeared composed and collected during her testimony. She maintained a calm demeanor throughout the proceedings. At times, her testimony took on a promotional tone as she lauded Trump Organization assets, using phrases such as “historic redevelopments” and “superluxury hotel.” Although she occasionally displayed frustration with the repetitive nature of questions from the attorney general’s lawyer, Louis Solomon, she responded with smiles rather than scowls.

In her testimony, Ivanka Trump presented a more cooperative and poised presence in the courtroom, offering a distinct contrast to her father’s earlier appearance.

The case is pending in the New York County Supreme Court.  The case is People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump, et. al, Index # 452564/2022.


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