Georgia Court of Appeals Indefinitely Postpones Trump Election Interference Prosecution

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The Georgia Court of Appeals has indefinitely paused the election subversion conspiracy case against Donald Trump and several of his co-defendants currently pending in Fulton County, Georgia. You can read the order HERE:

Docket # A24A1599 – Donald John Trump v. The State of Georgia – Order Staying Criminal Case Pending the Outcome of Appeal 6-5-2024

The Georgia Court of Appeals issued the order on Wednesday, June 5, 2024 indicating that the trial in the state-level election subversion case will not proceed before the 2024 election. The court stated that the case will be on hold until a panel of judges decides whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis should be disqualified from the case.

The appeals court is expected to make a ruling on the disqualification issue by March 2025, although a decision could come sooner.

Initially, Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee had allowed court proceedings to continue as the appeals court reviewed an appeal of his decision permitting Willis to remain on the case.

Trump and some of his co-defendants in the extensive racketeering case have sought to disqualify Willis due to her romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor she hired for the case. The defendants argued that Willis benefited financially from the relationship, claiming that Wade covered several vacations for the couple.

In March, following a mini-trial where Trump’s attorneys and co-defendants attempted to prove their case against Willis and Wade, Judge McAfee concluded that there was insufficient evidence to definitively prove Willis financially benefited from the relationship. Judge McAfee allowed the case to proceed, but Trump and the co-defendants sought an immediate appeal in the Georgia Court of Appeals, which has agreed to hear the case.

The case is pending in the Georgia Court of Appeals, Docket # A24A1599 – Donald John Trump v. The State of Georgia.


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