Florida Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Request to Move Trial in Classified Docs Case, For Now

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Judge Aileen Cannon

Judge Aileen Cannon has ruled that former President Donald Trump will still face a trial in May 2024 for alleged mishandling of classified documents.  However, the Judge left open the possibility that the trial could still be moved to a future date.  You can read the Order HERE:

Docket # 23-CR-80101-AMC – Document 215 – Order Granting in Part Defendants’ Motions to Continue Pre-Trial Deadlines and Denying Without Prejudice Motion to Adjourn Trial 11-10-2023

The indictment regarding classified records has cast a shadow over Trump’s potential candidacy, as it raises questions about his handling of national security information during his presidency. The Government claims there are witnesses and audio evidence supporting the allegations.

Trump has repeatedly sought to postpone this federal criminal trial and others beyond the November 2024 presidential election, citing the busy schedule of him and his legal team, campaign commitments, and the complexity of the cases. Judge Cannon has shown some understanding and adjusted certain deadlines, especially related to the use of classified material, in the lead-up to the trial.

However, she has indicated that she may revisit other deadlines, including the trial date, in early March. This potential move could see the trial taking place before the election. The judge pointed out that the case involves a significant volume of unclassified and classified evidence that Trump’s legal team needs to review, and the quantity of discovery has exceeded initial estimates.

Trump’s lawyers have the option to request another trial date change in the future. A Trump campaign spokesperson expressed anticipation for the conference scheduled by Judge Cannon in March, where further scheduling matters and a potential trial date will be discussed.

Judge Cannon acknowledged the challenges Trump’s legal team faces, as they are overwhelmed with court deadlines, which could hinder their preparations for the Florida trial. Some aspects related to classified evidence can only be addressed in special facilities, known as SCIFs, in the Miami courthouse complex or other locations.

The case is United States v. Donald J. Trump, Waltine Nauta, and Carlos De Oliveira, Docket # 23-CR-80101-AMC.  The case is pending before the Honorable Aileen M. Cannon in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. 


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